FWTP2: Hilarie and Sophia being cute together (x)


peyton sawyer + happiness

peyton sawyer + angel of death 

Sophia Bush reading out a letter from Austin Nichols for the fans at FWTP2 (x)

therealshantel: It’s a walk off joylenz robertearlbuckley #oth #Paris #catwalk #strutyourstuff #workit [x]

Bethany Joy Lenz, Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten have a walk off. x

It’s a walk off @joylenz @robertearlbuckley #oth #Paris #catwalk #strutyourstuff #workit [x]

Hilarie Burton at the From Wilmington To Paris, One Tree Hill Convention | 18th October 2014


OMG, just started rewatching the series this week and then this happened!! #spazzzz <3333333

The girls are still really good friends and keep in touch. They were group texting the other day when Joy was giving Maria a bath FTWP2 (photo cred)

Sophia Bush at the One Tree Hill convention in Paris, France.

@sophiabush: Basically the best.

@sophiabush: Basically the best.

basically the best

basically the best

"Women are one another’s biggest support system. [We] should be collaborating not competing" -Sophia Bush, FWTP2 (photo cred)